Do you want the type of publicity that could rapidly explode your business to new heights?

If you’re a daring entrepreneur and you are ready to take your place as the rockstar of your industry, you are in the right place.

I can help you to:

  • Write & publish your influencer book
  • Appear on TV
  • Be in demand for speaking engagements
  • Book regular radio and podcast interviews
  • Apply the acting skills used by Hollywood a-listers to shine in any interview, appearance or speaking engagement
  • Get published in major publications
  • Use the publicity to attract high level clients
  • Develop the mindset needed to become the influencer on everybody’s lips

What would this mean for you?


People are way more likely to want to work with you if they see you as an expert and somebody they can trust. Being linked to names that your audience already knows and trusts and having a bestselling book on the subject, will make that happen.

More Money

When you’ve had major publicity and when you have a bestselling book to your name, not only will you attract more high level clients but you can justifiably raise your prices.

Share your message for and wide

It doesn’t matter how life changing your message is if nobody gets to hear it. You need to get right in front of your people and command their attention!

Increase confidence and self belief

An awesome bi-product of doing this work is that you become a rockstar internally as well as being perceived that way to the outside world. You will feel fuck-yeah amazing about yourself and your talents.

We offer various packages, including coaching and done for you services for books and media. We can help you to figure out the best route forward to fit your goals and the resources you have available.

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You weren’t born to be ordinary… you were born to shine!