You weren’t born to be ordinary... you were born to shine!

Luana Ribeira helps entrepreneurs to become bestselling authors, and to use their books to get on TV, in the press and on stages all over the world.

After the success of her own bestselling books, she now helps other entrepreneurs to increase their income by 6 and 7 figures with their book and to be propelled to influencer status in their industry.

Since she became a bestselling author, she has booked a 3 month contract with FOX TV, become one of FORBES top 21 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018, developed relationships with media outlets including Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, Miami Herald and over 300 more; been booked for speaking gigs internationally and rapidly grown her audience taking her business to new levels.

Luana currently resides in rural Portugal where she is setting up a fully sustainable, eco friendly animal sanctuary. She is also a black belt in kickboxing and has 2 daughters.

Luana’s media topics include

Skyrocket Your Business with a Bestselling Book.

Learn the secret of how you can use your book to get in the media, on stage and to attract high level clients. Luana will talk your audience through how to get started with writing their Influencer book.

Getting in the Media.

Discover what getting in the media can do for your brand and business, and how to make that happen.
Luana will challenge your audience to write and distribute a press release.

Be the Hero of Your Own Story.

Luana is no stranger to overcoming challenges. Through smear campaigns, severe anxiety, losing her business after signing a contract she didn’t fully understand, her husband coming out as transgender and living in a polly tunnel with no power or running water, she has continued to skyrocket her business and develop a warrior inner game.

Luana will offer your audience a powerful meditation for them to be able to find their inner hero, whenever they are in need.

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