Act For Profit

Supercharge Your Staff & Boost Profit With Acting Training

What if your existing staff were more charismatic in their business environment?

If they were better communicators, better leaders, each of them more confident and influential in their own right and as a team?

What if they bounced off each other better, entered every interaction with a customer or each other with added passion, and were able to slide into “The Zone” effortlessly, no matter what was happening around them?

Imagine your staff being able to faultlessly engage customers, keep a cool head during the most challenging periods, and above all, being able to WOW customers and clients, and actually enjoy themselves doing so?

These are all qualities of trained actors.

Actors have huge presence. They have purpose, focus and charisma. They embody their roles, giving 100% of their mental energy to their task, and experience a kind of high or even euphoria from this.

What kind of impact would this mindset have on your business? This injection of charisma and focus would positively affect productivity, customer experience, client retention and satisfaction and sales, not to mention the mental wellbeing of your staff. What difference this would make to your company as whole, if your entire staff were equipped with these life-changing skills?

The secret is learning to act! Actors train relentlessly in order to embody any role and give over all of their mental and physical energy to performing a role. As any professional actor will tell you, this energises them and fills them with confidence.

"... (Acting) has boosted my confidence and self belief. I've also noticed a jump in my creativity towards marketing and general thinking outside the box ability."

Laurence Jay Campling, Managing Director, LS Group Ltd.

Here are some of the areas that actors train in, that are relevant to business:

75% of communication is none-verbal. However, training and practical awareness of this is almost none-existent. Training in acting can give your staff an instinctive understanding of using:
  • Body language
  • Facial expressions
  • Gestures
  • Eye contact
And other methods of none-verbal commination, to vastly enhance their communication skills. This allows staff to quickly uncover customer needs, smoothly solve problems, effectively negotiate, and respectfully give and recive feedback from both clients and other team members. But that’s not all..

Vocal technique?

The tone or feeling behind the spoken word, is the next most powerful tool in business communication. Imagine giving your staff the power to switch on their most charismatic, upbeat, helpful “persona”, no matter how tricky the request, or how many hours they have been working. Imagine too, that this is a helpful and uplifting tool for your staff, rather than being perceived as yet another thing to remember. From staffroom pep talks to customer engagement, supercharging your staff’s vocal technique gives them the power to inject energy and charisma into every interaction, from the shop floor to the world stage.


If only we could wave a magic wand, which would allow all staff to focus more closely on business matters while they are working! A survey by Think Money revealed that a third of employees are distracted for up to 3 hours a day. That’s 759 hours a year. How much of your money is going down the drain while employees check social media, gossip and stare out of the window? How many of your customers are getting frustrated, waiting for things to be processed or signed off? What if you were known for being faster than everyone else, as well as more engaged and more in-tune with your clients and customers? If your custmers felt special, instead of as if they are part of a production line? Would that kind of edge make a difference to your business?

Acting training reinforces and rewards focus. Focusing the mind puts employees in “The Zone”, where they feel confident and motivated.


Do your staff REALLY listen to you? Or each other? Do you really listen to them 100% of the time? Listening, rather than just hearing, is an active mental process that many of us forget to engage. It’s a skill that can be developed through training, and it actually makes life a lot easier for everyone!

Effective listening raises the bar in all areas of business, from client satisfaction to staff retention. Everybody benefits from effective listening training, and a welcome side-effect is that fewer things go wrong to begin with – thanks to crystal-clear communication.

Finally, in the competitive world of business, clients ultimate choice and power over who they choose to do business with. They’re experienced and adept enough to know when they are not being heard. Why not supercharge your listening skills, in order to cement your clients 100% confidence in your business?

Quick thinking

Actors are trained to think on their feet and react to their immediate environment. They can problem solve on the spot, without interrupting their creative flow. An actor doesn’t stop and panic when thrown a curveball – they recover seamlessly, often without anyone suspecting anything has gone wrong! Imagine a team full of seamless problem-solvers, and you’re starting to see how acting training can have an impact on every aspect of your team.


Actors are some of the most committed workers around. Think of the lengths actors will go to, in order to deliver a flawless performance.

They make it their mission to embody their role so flawlessly, that they actually carve out a piece of their inner selves in order to embody that character!

This requires incredible commitment, and it’s a testament to their skill and discipline that we believe their performances, and allow them to affect us on an emotional level.

While Hollywood actors go to extreme lengths, this commitment is one of the cornerstones of the acting mind-set, and it’s a teachable skill that becomes a powerful tool in the business environment. If you have ever wondered what would happen to your business if your staff were as committed as the CEO, then acting training can begin to show you how that feels.

Team Work

In the same way that employees must work together to deliver results, actors must work as a team to deliver a performance.

Acting training teaches employees to work together, to bounce of each other’s energy, to accept each other and boost each other’s performance.


Actors must use their initiative to add to the script. Flipping this around to your business, your employees are more powerful if they are able to input their creativity and spark without having to be prompted.


In the world of acting, deadlines are known as “The Show Must Go On”. What use is a performance if the audience have got bored and gone home?

What use is a film crew if the actors are unrehearsed and haven’t learned their lines?

Acting training teaches deadlines and self-discipline as a none-negotiable form of self-respect.

Imagine gifting every employee in your company with the drive and ability to pull off “Showtime!” or the art of being 100% ready for action.

This is a valuable life skill, which your employees will carry with them forever, as well as using it to your advantage.

Working under pressure

Acting training involves being put into safe, but uncomfortable situations.

This ensures that when the real uncomfortable situations arise, the actor is cool as a cucumber, and can handle difficult situations without breaking a sweat. When the pressure is on, an actor will wake up and thrive!

This is another valuable skill that is of enormous value to an employee, and by extension, to a company.

Some employees shut down under pressure. Imagine if they had the skills and tools to do the opposite. Some don’t recover after a knockback. Imagine if this was second nature. Some people feel down and lacking self-confidence in the face of a challenge. Imagine if you could hand them the confidence that they need to rise to it.

How do I get all of this more for my company?

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