A few years back, my 5 year old came in from school giggling like mad “Mummy, I had an onion in my sandwich box instead of a sandwich and everybody at school came to look at it!”

I opened up her lunch box and sure enough, there was an onion. Chopped up as well, may I add.
Where was her sandwich? Did I accidentally put it in the fridge where the onion should have been?
Nope! No sandwich.
In my overworked zombie-like state, I picked up her sandwich box and chopped an onion on autopilot before shoving it in her lunchbox and sending her to school with it.
That’s when it clicked.
“Huh… if I can’t make a frigging sandwich, how in the world do I think I’m running my business effectively?”
I can’t even remember much from this time. It wasn’t that long ago but I spent my days running on autopilot, putting in the time, the work, the sacrifice to be able to create a future. I’d work 21 hour days, sometimes 7 days a week to prove that I was worthy of success. Getting up at 2am to put the hours in to prove to myself and everyone else that I deserved it. I was exhausted and proud of it. I wore it like a badge of honour. I was broke too, which made me feel even more like a martyr. How awesome was I?!
“Not awesome at all Eirian (I changed my name since then). Get a grip! Literally, nobody is impressed.”
“Well thank you future me… or LUANA as you now insist on being called. Who do you think you are? Fucking Elton John?”
“Somebody needs a nap…”
“Bitch!” *falls asleep with head on laptop*
Ahem… as I was saying. Somewhere in my life, I had picked up the belief that being success went hand in hand with struggle, anxiety and sacrifice. So, surely, the more I struggled, the more anxious I was and the more I sacrificed, the more successful I would become?
Well, what a load of old toss.
I had no idea about this at the time, of course. It wasn’t a conscious thing but most of our actions are unconscious and are a result of our past conditioning- everything we’ve ever seen, heard and experienced being filed away in our brains. Most of it before we’ve reached the grand old age of 7, so we’re making sense of it with a child’s mind, which often means we’ve created meaning around events when the meaning was nothing of the sort. But by the time we’ve figured that out, the belief is rooted in deep in the depths of our subconscious and has already been creating havoc.
So, that’s what I realised upon opening my little girl’s Dora the Explorer lunchbox and gazing at the chopped onion that was sent by the universe to tell me to chill the fuck out.
So, I looked at what I was doing, scrapped the busy work that wasn’t moving me forward and focused on the things that did.
I started valuing myself more and stopped giving my time to everybody and his pet fish.
I put a proper strategy into place and worked on my mindset constantly with the help of my coach, who had already told me all of this stuff but OBVIOUSLY I had to wait for the onion to confirm such things were true.
Then the business shot from losing money each month to making 10k+ a month.
Moral of the story? Chill the fuck out- the onion is watching.
Stay vigilant,
Luana x
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