Are you scared to be seen?

Aren’t you bored of listening to your own lies yet?

You talk the talk- you are great at that. You say you are ready, this is it, nothing will stand in your way, you are born for more than the average life and you are going to go all in to bring your vision into reality.

You’re going to unleash that warrior inside of you… the true leader! You will stand powerfully sharing your message with the masses, make lots of money, become known for what you do and
change lives on a global scale.

  • You dip a toe in.
  • Tentatively.
  • It feels cold. Icy. Painful.
  • You hold your breath- it’s sharp!

If only you’d allow yourself to breathe, brace yourself and hang on you’d see that you’d adapt.

Or if you were to ‘fuck it’ with playing safe and dive in, without knowing what was in there but with complete faith in your own abilities, you’d up-level in a flash- because you’d have no choice.

The flame inside you would expand, filling every part of your being with warmth and power.

The ice would melt away and you would step into that place you always envisioned.

You’d unleash the person you always longed to be. Who you are and always have been.

  • You’d claim your freedom.
  • You’d get your voice heard.
  • People would stand up and listen!

Instead you revert back to your hiding place.
“Oh, I know I need to do it, but it’s not a priority right now”

Wait- being seen is not a priority for you and your business? Being noticed? Cutting through the noise and standing powerfully with your authentic voice? Hmm…

“I’ll do it next week/ next decade/ when a tutu-wearing-toucan turns up and tells me to, in interpretave dance.”


Oh, I know you want me to say ‘Yes, it must be so difficult for you. Of course, being seen and getting your voice heard should be right there at the bottom of your priority list.”

But I won’t.

Although, I do know you ‘could’ do it. I’m not sure you will.

I’m not sure that you won’t be lying on your death bed one day telling your children how you regret not having the impact you knew you were capable of. While urging them to be bold and to follow
their purpose fully. To take chances, so they don’t end up on their death bed full of regret tellng their children how to live their lives… (Oh wait!)

You always were good at talking the talk.

Let me tell you what I am sure of.

That you have got it inside you.
You’ve got the potential to create magic in your life and in the lives of others.

  • The magic that only you possess.
  • You have every ability to transform lives.
  • But you are scared.
  • Putting yourself out there on a much bigger scale also means opening yourself up for more judgement and criticism.

You feel like a fraud at times- what if people find out that you are not actually superhuman after

Publishing a book is like walking out into the street naked. You are fully exposed and that can be terrifying!

The media has the power to make or break someone. What if it goes the wrong way?

All of these thoughts are perfectly valid!

To move past them, face up to them.

Here’s what to do:

  1. 1. Write down what your fear is.
  2. Decide how you would handle it if it happened (hey- I’m not going to tell you these things WON’T happen, but by doing this, you’ll see that you will be able to handle it)
  3. Ask yourself if it’s worth it.

If the answer that comes up for you is a YES, contact me on or comment below and let’s talk about how I can become your media dragon and help you to navigate through the powerful world of books and media.

You weren’t born to be ordinary… you were born to shine!

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