Want to take your business to the next level? Attract your soul tribe to you like a magnet?

Here are some of the results I had from becoming a bestselling author:

  • I booked a 3 month contract for FOX TV.
  • I got into FORBES as One of the 21 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018
  • I got into media outlets including Huffington Post, NBE, ABC, Miami Herald and over 300 more!
  • I was booked for speaking gigs internationally.
  • I rapidly grew my audience.

Most books fail because of one (or more!) of the following reasons:

  • They remain an amazing ‘idea’ that never gets started.
  • They get started but not finished.
  • The book gets published but not many people ever hear of it.
  • The book is not aligned with the intended outcome.
  • The book isn’t written with a clear vision of the reader, and what they need in mind.

As part of my 6 month Become a Bestselling Author program, you will receive:

  • UNLIMITED 1:1 because fuck giving anything less than everything.
  • A planning session where we map out your entire book, using our easy to follow formula and writing schedule.
  • Full support and accountability throughout the writing process.
  • Guidance on formatting, design and editing.
  • Publishing done on your behalf with you retaining all rights and royalties.
  • Guaranteed bestseller on Amazon.

Don’t be just another one of the 93% who will keep telling themselves it’s not the right time

Ready to level up your business and your life on a massive scale?

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