We’re going to super-charge your career with an exciting, intensive and FAST method of marketing your next book. Imagine being number one on Amazon & being able to use your “Best Seller” badge, in only a matter of weeks from today.

Best-selling authors get more speaking gigs, more media opportunities and make more money than low selling authors, or those without a book. If you’re not a bestselling author right now, in less than 2 months you could be. This is 100% authentic, and the book is all yours.

Over 400 best sellers and counting

This system has been applied to over 400 bestselling books. Each one is unique, yet they all share the same intense and immediate energy that readers and reviewers LOVE!



best-selling author

Media coverage

Print & online media, local & national newspapers, TV shows, topical podcasts and internet shows all have one thing in common – they need a constant flow of current topics to talk about, and they must appear credible to their audience. By writing a bestseller, you become the perfect guest or topic expert. Not only are you an established voice in a neatly summed up field, you have a book hot off the press to prove it. Writing bestseller means you will often jump to the top of the potential guest or topic list.

Massively increase your reach

The visibility of a bestselling book means it will be connecting with readers 24/7. You can be sleeping, spending time with your family or onto your next project, and your book will still be speaking to people.

Increased connection with readers, fans and followers

Sales of courses and products, heartfelt personal recommendations and positive social media engagement are just some of the side effects of having a bestselling book.

Instant credibility and expert status in your niche

If you have enough knowledge to write an entire book on one subject, that’s a pretty convincing case for you being an expert in the field. Both the public and the media will treat you as an expert, if you have written a bestselling book.

It can help you book speaking gigs

A bestseller will lend you credibility in this area too. Organisers of events have a responsibility to showcase speakers that are relevant, knowledgeable and popular, and a best-selling book proves all of these things.

It makes it easier for people to find you

Many people search Amazon when they are looking for a solution to their problem. If your book appears, they will be guided into your world!

You can double, triple or even quadruple your income

Some entrepreneurs give digital copies of their book away. However, “A gift of my best-selling book” sounds much better value than “A free E-book”. This allows their email address to be collected, for future mailing lists.
You will reach many more people

It isn’t all about the fame and money, although those things are nice! A book gives you the platform to reach many more people. It gives the public an opportunity to discuss the issues that you present in your book, and allows your tribe, the people that are aligned with your intentions and vibe, the chance to recommend you to others that might benefit from your work.

For you own sense of achievement

It’s estimated that 93% of people dream of writing a book. Only 5% actually do, and of these, not all become best-sellers!

Along with getting married, having children, landing your dream job and travelling somewhere exotic, writing a best-selling book is solid life milestone. It means you’ve overcome worries, doubts, insecurities and procrastination, and made a commitment to your own knowledge and journey of self-improvement.

Bonus reason

One more reason, which all of my clients, and Influencers I spoke to have said to me in one form or another, is that they truly felt the gratitude from the impact of their work. People reached out to them with thanks, with stories of how their book had helped them on their own journey, and this was often the number one reason for wanting to write another book!

How does it work?

Whether you have a finished manuscript or an already published book, I will work my post-publishing magic to allow it to be seen in all the right places, and to climb to the coveted top spot in the Amazon charts.

The price is £1500 and the turnaround is 30 days. Do you want to wait months or even years to become a bestselling author, or do you want to enter the next level in a matter of weeks?

We only work with books that are of the required standard. To apply, fill out the form, including a sample of your book and your book cover we will contact you within 7 days.