Book 1 – Never forget who you are. Finding and using your authentic voice, to build and command your empire

Release date- 26th July, 2019

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Influencer Game of Phones

Build an Empire From Your Mobile

This book isn’t really about Game of Thrones, it’s about being an Influencer.

However, the show brought the idea of empires and leaders rising and falling into the forefront of our mind. Who wouldn’t want their own slice of the world, their very own empire?

The physical world has been around a very long time, and it has established rulers and leaders, and limited land to conquer and rule.

Cyberspace is limitless, and we’re beginning to live there more and more. We shop there, make friends, meet our spouses, join communities and copy trends.

We play games, make money, watch entertainment, place bets and talk, constantly comment and chatter about everything under the sun.

There are many empires, large and small, and people making a living from these virtual kingdoms. Why not you?

I have spoken to and researched many Influencers, to figure out their deepest drives and fears, the blocks and barriers they had to overcome, right at the beginning of their journey.

Because of this unique insight, you can now learn how to overcome the stumbling blocks you didn’t even know were there, to create your own unique hub of creativity, support and above all – Influence.

Everyone alive today is living though an information revolution. We connect with the virtual world with a device that we carry in our pockets.

That is our portal to Cyberspace, and the many kingdoms that dwell within it.

Ready to create your own?

Influencer – Game of Phones is three part series on how to build your own empire.


Passion to Freedom

Most people in this world would love to be spending their days doing the things they are passionate about, but very few actually go for it. 

Why? For most, it’s a lack of self-belief, allowing fear to hold them back and simply not knowing which steps to take to be able to create a sustainable income through that passion.

In this transformational book you will be guided on how to become the person you need to be, to be able to create a freedom business where you can be spending each day doing what you love, and creating an impact in the world. 

She Made It Happen

For some female entrepreneurs, making a dream into reality can be a daunting prospect. 

Perhaps you lack the confidence to put your latest plans into action? Maybe the prospect of change frightens you a little? Or maybe you simply just need help to map out which steps to take next.

In this book, you will hear from 22 inspirational female entrepreneurs from all around the world, who at one point felt just the same.

From their stories, we will learn how each woman overcame the same entrepreneurial challenges you might be facing right now, to achieve their own dreams, and create a life they love.

This book contains first-hand accounts from these entrepreneurial women on how they started their businesses and changed their lives for the better. We pass on the lessons they have learned through hard-won experience, which can be applied to anyone at any stage on an entrepreneurial journey. 

One year from now, won’t you wish you had started today?