Diversify to Protect Your Business

“If you rely on Facebook for business, what would you do if you were kicked off without warning?”

I’ve seen people ask this question before but I never thought much about it. It’s one of those things where you think ‘yeah, it won’t happen to me’.

Then my client, Richard Fletcher vanished off Facebook!

Mark Z and pals had suspended his account due to suspicious activity. It got me thinking… and this applies whether it’s Instagram, You Tube, Linkedin or anywhere else you rely on heavily for business.

The terms of Facebook are vague and they change them constantly.

Richard is not one of these people who spams ‘buy my shit’, he doesn’t cold message or do any of those things that lead to people getting banned.

If you look at his profile, you’ll see that there are zero promo posts. It really could have happened to any of us!

Thankfully, Richard got his account back after 24-hour and all was well. But what if he hadn’t?

His main platform is Facebook. That’s where his leads come from and that’s where he delivers his trainings.

Here are my thoughts:

It would have been frustrating and inconvenient, but he would have been OK.

You see, Richard had already been diversifying and not relying on showing up solely on Facebook and that’s one of the reasons he started working with me in December.

He was already thinking ahead and preparing in case something like that did happen.

He has been popping up all over the place in the media!

What this means that, had he been kicked off permanently, he would have had to set up a whole new personal account and start from scratch which would have been frustrating as hell and highly inconvenient, but…

As he’s showing up consistently in front of new audiences and calling them back to his space, he would be able to build up a whole new profile, much easier than if he had no presence outside of Facebook.

In fact, I know that he would have recovered pretty quick.

And I’m pretty sure I would in that situation too.

Once your business has hit a point where it’s well established and is generating a consistent income (around 10k a month), it’s time to diversify.

As well as building your presence on social media (and I always recommend leading your people into a list that you own regardless of where they come from), mainstream media is a great way of developing Universal Presence, which will keep your business secure, regardless of the decisions made on any one platform.

Here’s Richard’s post about his experience

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