Do you even remember who you were before society told you who to be?

I remember being a natural performer. I always loved being in the limelight. I was also obsessed with Dennis the Menace and started my very own menace club (shut up, ha!).

For whatever reason, I wanted to lead people into going against the grain, being unique and causing mischief (only ever in a fun way, never with vicious intent) but somewhere along the way that was conditioned out of me and I lost my identity. It took my self belief along with it!

I started trying to fit in, to be like everyone else, to suppress my genius and to play safe. Low on confidence, I lost my spark and thinking I had nothing valuable to say/offer, became very shy and withdrawn.

But it was always there calling me, regardless of how much I tried to push it away!

Look, now I’m in the world of books and media and my clients are the menaces of the business world, ha!

They are the black sheep with hearts of gold. They go against the grain and stir shit up- not in a negative way, but to challenge people and to create positive change. They go against the business norms to live on their own terms and they see through the bullshit that we’ve all been conditioned with around having to look/behave/be a certain way. They’ve stepped out of that cold, dark box and now they are exploding into the limelight, allowing themselves to be seen, to be noticed and to call in their soul tribe!

I’m carrying on with what I started at 7 years old!

Your genius has always been there.

Have you fully unleashed that side of you?

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