Time is more valuable than money, so where is the sense in trading time for money?

How can you possibly decide how much a block of your life is worth?

Is it worth less now because you think you have plenty of it left, or would the value increase if you found you only had an hour left to live?

If you are giving value that creates a positive difference in people’s lives, that’s a great thing. Charge depending on the outcome they receive, and not on an hourly rate.

We’re conditioned by society to think that working more time equals earning more money. That is bullshit!

Anyone can keep themselves busy for 16-21 hours a day, 7 days a week and let everyone know how hard they’re working, showing up as the martyr, but the truth is half of what they are doing is just not productive towards their long term goals (I know because I did it!).

Stop wasting time making bullshit decisions

How much brain power do you use deciding how to respond to that e-mail? What to wear that day? What to have for dinner? What to do about your distant cousin’s dog’s best friend’s wedding that you really can’t be arsed to go to but feel like you should? It’s not productive. Just make a decision and move on with your life, saving your brain power for the things that really matter.

Stop mindlessly clicking onto your e-mails or social media every time you have 5 minutes to spare, or hit a creativity block. It might physically only take you 5 minutes but what comes up could end up on your mind for hours, taking brain power away from the important stuff. Set blocks of time for this stuff- it’s not easy (I still struggle to resist myself) but the difference it makes to productivity is incredible!

Stop blowing things out of proportion to create emergencies that take you away from working on the big stuff. True emergencies are few and far between. If it’s not truly urgent AND actionable, there’s no point fretting.

Record what you do with your time in 15 minute block, for a week. Then be brutally honest and ask yourself the following:

  • How much time was spend doing what makes you truly happy?
  • How much time was spent doing bullshit things out of habit or a sense of obligation?
  • How much of your time did you sacrifice doing things for other people that you didn’t want to do?
  • How much time was spent with the people who really matter?
  • How much time was spent just ‘being’ and appreciating the world around you?

80% of our results come from 20% of where we put our efforts. So figure out what your 20% is, focus more on that and drop the rest.

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