Do you want more brand exposure?

If you want to reach a much wider audience with your business and to position yourself as the expert on your topic, getting into mainstream media is a great way of doing that.

You can grab the attention of people who, otherwise may not have heard of you and you can bring them back to your space, to nurture the relationship and enhance your existing marketing strategy.

Not only that, but it changes the way you are perceived by your existing audience.

For your people to see you as the go- to expert, you need to…

Cut through the noise and command their attention!

There are so many people claiming that they hold the key to success. How do you know who is the real deal?

Here are the levels of online visibility:


1. People who shout about how great they are without showing any proof of results or providing any real value.

They may be able to get us the result we want or they may be talking absolute bollocks. We don’t know.

We may interact with their posts but ae unlikely to cross the line and actually work with them.

2. Showing.

People who stand out on social media, or in our inbox, because they are proving themselves through giving us value upfront that we can action and get a result from, before we commit to working with them. Proof that they know what they’re talking about.

On top of this, they are consistently showing themselves to be using their own methods and delivering results for their clients.

If the result is what we want and we enjoy this person’s content, we will follow them and may well register to work with them, either now or in the future.

3. Shining.

People who prove themselves, as in level 2, but they also have other people shouting about them from the rooftops.

This could be in the form of testimonials and reviews, which is fantastic but what’s even more powerful is when people who are already in the public eye and famous brands are endorsing them, which is essentially what happens when you are in mainstream media with your business.

“OK, Luana. But it’s not as simple as just ‘going into the media’ is it?”

Of course not. It’s also not as difficult as you might think.

Check back in tomorrow and I’ll talk you through the ‘how’.

In the meantime, download your Get Media Ready checklist to see what you can do to maximise your chances of getting booked!

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