You too could be featured on the BBC, Forbes, Buzzfeed and on FOX TV...

What would it do for your brand if you were featured by these media outlets, and more?

You see, there’s one factor that determines whether or not you enrol new clients.

Want to guess what it is?

If you said…credibility…bing! Have a gold star. You’re absolutely right.

Do people believe you can help them?

Anyone can shout on Facebook and Instagram about how great they are. Anyone can claim they are the ones who can help. Anyone can promise the world.

Yet so many people overpromise and underdeliver. The end result is…

it’s never been harder to gain trust online!

Here’s How To Overcome That Problem...

When your audience sees you’ve been featured in a number of huge media outlets, this does a couple of things.

First, you get access to a wide new audience. Second, your existing audience sees you as being way more credible (in their eyes, these big news stations wouldn’t be putting you on show if you were a fraud, would they?)

It sets you apart. You’re the real deal. Not just some nobody shouting about great they are with nothing to back it up.

This leads to more credibility. More visibility. More followers and more sales.

That’s what my clients report happens when doing the DFY media program.

People like my client, Richard Fletcher.

“Why would the media be interested in me? I’m just an ordinary guy running an online business...”

Richard Fletcher

“Why would the media be interested in me? I’m just an ordinary guy running an online business…” This is what Richard said to me when he registered for my Done- For- You Media package.

After all, he doesn’t have a shocking ‘rags to riches’ tale. And his niche – making money online – is among the most challenging to get into the media.

However, what he had going for him was a deep knowledge on his topic, proven results and a strong online presence (not big numbers, but a targeted following).

I’ll explain how we got in the UK press shortly, but first…

We wrote and distributed a press release all about his program, The Ecosystem, which was syndicated onto hundreds of US news sites. In this release, we highlighted some staggering results by his clients to build trust and authority.

Syndication is the quickest and easiest way to start. It’s great to do because it enhances SEO by maximising backlinks and visibility. However, despite what other PR ‘gurus’ tell you – it’s only the first step. It’s not the end goal.

Richard then started being booked for podcasts and accepted by publications, including Addicted2Success.

He was also invited to contribute a chapter to a book, Expert Profiles (coming Feb 2020), where he shares the ‘Magic Sauce’ he uses to take clients from inconsistent earnings to 20k months and beyond.

So, back to hitting the UK… how, without a sensational story?

The key was to link Richard with something the media was interested in. So how about…

We positioned Richard as someone who ‘Brexit proofed’ himself – in uncertain times, he was able to set up his own ‘side hustle’ in case he lost his job.

When he did eventually lose his job, he went full time with his side hustle and now makes more in some weeks than he used to in a year previously!

As a result of becoming interesting and relevant to these news outlets, Richard was featured in 4 more and was interviewed about the topic for a local radio station.

He’s also since had a spotlight article published in Small Business Trendsetters and more recently, he’s been featured in Global Banking & Finance and on Buzzfeed.

So, going back to the local press. What happens in the media is that news filters up. If you’re unheard of, you’re unlikely to instantly get interviewed on the BBC or featured in The Telegraph.

However, the big news outlets monitor activity in the smaller local news outlets constantly. So, if they see a story that looks interesting, they will use it by adapting the story to fit a broader audience.

I predict in the coming months Richard will be featured in one (maybe several) major UK publications, with a good chance of a TV appearance.

All this is going to create more exposure and credibility for his already growing brand.

This is a repeatable process that works for pretty much anyone in any niche.

So, who am I to be advising you on this stuff?

Hi, I’m Luana. I’m originally from Wales, UK and at the minute, I live in Portugal with my partner, Al, my 2 home- schooled girls and a house full of cats and dogs.

I am a former actress and my whole world was turned upside down when circumstances regarding my marriage became very public.

So, I did what any normal human being would do.

I ran off to Portugal and lived in a ditch for 3 months with no running water, power or internet.

There, in the mud, surrounded only by a polytunnel – I wrote my first best selling book and suddenly, I was all over the media for my achievements and not my personal life. My brand new business exploded.

For a while, it felt as though I was living a double life.

In the mud one day, and jetting off to 5* hotels for TV appearances and speaking engagements all over the world the next.

I rapidly took my business that was in a new niche to 6- figures with no paid ads or even a website. It clicked that if I managed to do that with a new niche, that it would be so much more powerful for people who already have a strong marketing strategy and a targeted audience.

People like multi- 7 figure business woman and Queen of Lead Generation, Vanessa Moss.

Luana is incredible at what she does! Within 10 days she got me featured in every UK newspaper!!!!!!!! As a result of this I was offered a TV show and filming starts in 8 weeks. She is the BEST!!!!!!!


Vanessa was already a highly successful business coach when she came to me to help her with her media.

She had been with big PR agencies in the past and was wary about trying again because she hadn’t seen the results that she wanted with the big companies. Why would this be any different?

Plus, she’s the Queen of Lead Generation. Did she really need publicity? She certainly wasn’t struggling with bringing in new clients!

Within 10 days of working with me and my team, she was featured in every national newspaper in the UK with her story.

As a direct result of the campaign, she was offered:

A documentary on national TV
A feature in a women’s magazine
4x speaking engagements

And she now has the features that can be used time and time again as credibility posts, making it even easier for her to attract high- ticket clients.

So, how does this all work? It’s simple!

I recommend committing to a minimum of 6 months.

This is so that you have time to work your way up to being featured in the major outlets. Although this can instantly, (like in Henry’s case – click here for his story) the more usual case is that it takes time to build.

Men’s coach, Henry Johnstone started his DFY media program with a bang

Almost immediately, he was in The Metro, where he was called upon as the expert to give his opinion about the pressure that You Tube Influencer, Pew Die Pie had been under, and to offer his advice.

We receive a vast amount of journalist enquiries on a daily basis.

When this one came in, we asked Henry what he wanted to say on the topic. He responded quickly, with a well thought out response and by the end of the day, he was in the national press.

We then went on to fire out a syndicated press release. Syndication is where the same story is shared across multiple platforms – we always do this at the beginning, for visibility and lots of juicy back links to the client’s website.

From there, we were able to transcribe one of Henry’s radio interviews, turning it into a chapter for a book, Expert Profiles.

Henry was booked for 5 podcasts, was featured in Small Business Trendsetters, on EIN news and a bunch of other sites.

Then, he piqued the interest of a TV network who will be covering the unique metal work retreats he runs for men, in Norwich, UK.

The time scale on all of this was 8- weeks.

He now has a range of features and an upcoming TV interview that not only places him in front of a wide new audience, but that he can use for a lifetime to build his existing audiences’ trust, proving himself to be the go-to expert on the topic of men’s mental health.

Here’s an example of what we do over the course of 6 months

This is very general, it’s amended for each client depending on where they are at right now and what’s happening for them and their businesses.

On top of this, we also pitch daily for any incoming enquiries. We get 60-70 journalist requests coming daily from places like Forbes, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, BBC, The Guardian and so many more!

Month 1 - Laying the foundations

We submit a press release for syndication over hundreds of sites. This is a good starting point as it increases visibility and creates lots of backlinks to your website. Then we hit your local press and any niche outlets - basically, the ones who are most likely to be interested in you and what you do.

Month 2 - A step further

We further extend the work we started in month 1, by getting you featured as the expert on your topic in publications that are specific to your niche. By now, you will feel like you are popping up all over the place and you will be consistently showing up in front of new, targeted audiences as well as having plenty of materials to prove your credibility to your existing audience.

Month 3 - Podcasts & radio

If your ideal client searches you on Google now, they will see a vast amount of social proof in print. It’s time for you to be speaking publicly. Podcasts and radio offer the most effective way to consistently get in front of new audiences with the opportunity of giving tons of value to the audience and leading them back into your online space.

Month 4 - National and international press

By now, you are likely to have built enough social proof to capture the interest of outlets with wider audiences and that are further afield.

Month 5 - Major publications

In month 5, the focus is on getting you featured in the top tier publications. These can create a huge impact for you and your business - examples include Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.

Month 6 - TV

With plenty of social proof behind you, we now have plenty of material to pitch you as the go- to expert on your topic to TV networks such as FOX, BBC and ITV. Not only do you get huge exposure when your clip is aired, but you can use it as part of your funnel for a lifetime and the results it can generate is immense.

On top of this we will constantly be working with you in the background to help you to communicate your message in the most powerful way, to refine your interview technique, body language, your storytelling and to get you prepared for any eventuality!

We do this with a combination of acting techniques used by the top Hollywood A-listers, powerful visualisations and by being there to support you every step of the way. We haven’t found anywhere else on the planet that offers this level of service and support for only `£1500 a month!

Aaaargh, I’m so tempted. But what if I register and don’t get featured?

Then we haven’t done our job properly and we don’t want your money. If 30 days has passed and you haven’t been featured in the media, we’ll send you a full refund. Worst case scenario is that you end up with 30 days’ worth of free media training and a bunch of marketing materials that you are welcome to continue using. We’ll take the risk so that you don’t have to.

Well, duh, it’s a no- brainer then, isn’t it?!

I won’t argue with that. But I do need to speak to you first to make sure you are ready. After all, it’s us taking the risk so we will only work with those who we are certain we can get the results for.

If you are ready, great

We can talk about the next steps, and if not, I’ll leave you with tons of free advice that you are welcome to steal. Sound good? Marvellous!