Enter Your New Paradigm!!!

I've been really fucking hard on myself.

When people have congratulated me or given me a compliment me on something I’ve achieved, I’ve felt weird. Like it wasn’t my achievement- it only happened because of this person or because of that circumstance. Nothing to do with me, really.

I spent most of my life thinking I’m not enough. Need to do more, achieve more, be more.

People have come into my life who have picked my up and then spat me out, trampled on me and pushed me off the cliff, smirking as I fall into back into the icy waters.

But, I’ve also had people in my corner believing in me and supporting me when I needed it the most.

Someone asked me how I still manage to see the good in people and nt be consumed with bitterness- this is why. For every person who has knocked me down, there have been 10 waiting to help me to get back on my feet.

And I’m still standing.

Fuck that, I’m doing more than still standing.

I built a business that gave me enough freedom to move me and my family to Portugal.

I’m fulfilling my childhood dream of opening an animal sanctuary (fully funded through my business).

I’m homeschool my girls so that they too can have a life of freedom. Fuck, my 10 year old daughter wants to open her own free learning centre so that other kids can join them and I’m like ‘OK, let’s do it’ (don’t ask how, but it’s happening).

I’ve got myself and numerous clients on TV, magazines, radio and in every national newspaper in the UK which then went international.

I’ve written for Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, She Owns It, Elephant Journal and lots more.

I have an international bestselling book and have helped others to do the same.

I got my kickboxing blackbelt (after about 4 failures- but I did not give in).

I’ve played lead role in award-winning horror movies.

I stuck with a business that was running at a major loss for 9 months… and then shot it to 6 figures within the space of a few weeks.

I have numerous books, thoughtful gifts and videos from people I’ve worked with who say I helped them to change their life.

I have a place in the city and another in the countryside, so I can switch as the mood takes me.

I have travelled to the most incredible places on earth.

I get to work on my own terms doing something that truly lights me up and fills me with excitement.

So, today I’m owning my awesomeness and letting go of any negativity from the past.


I invite you to do the same.

Tell me why you are awesome.

Tell me what you are letting go of to be able to move forward.

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