How can you help me to get more exposure?

We can get you into mainstream media with your business so that you will consistently be reaching new audiences with your message. We also help you to write and publish books and to get them in front of the right people. How does the DFY media work?
  • We get on a call with you and find out everything we need to know to be able to pitch you to media including TV, radio, podcast, magazines and newspapers.
  • We create your PR plan so we know exactly where to target, who we need to contact and which angles we will go in with.
  • We create all the materials you need – your media kit, pitches for various media outlets, articles and press releases.
  • We follow your PR plan to pitch you consistently for suitable outlets.
  • We submit you for any incoming journalist requests (we currently receive 60-70 a day!)
  • When you get a booking, we put you in touch with the right person or we simply schedule it into your calendar.
  • We work with you in the background to nail you interview technique so you’re ready for anything.
  • You turn up for your bookings and SHINE!

How many bookings and features am I likely to get?

The number of bookings vary from person to person and are dependent on a number of factors. What we can say, is that not a single week goes by where ALL of our DFY media clients don’t get booked or featured.

What type of bookings am I likely to get?

Again, there are many factors that come into play as to what you will be booked for and what features you will get, but we will be pitching you for TV, radio, podcasts, magazines, books and news, both online and in print.

Who do you receive enquiries from?

Forbes, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, The Sun, Hello, ITV News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Men’s Health, Psychology Today, Stylist, Women’s Running, Express, Real Business, Natwest Business Hub, Luxury Lifestyle, UK Mum, This Morning and more!

I don’t really have a story that the media would be interested in.

A lot of people think that, but believe me, you do. Some people have obvious rags to riches stories and some need more creativity to dig out a story that is relevant and interesting to the press, but there is always a story and we will find it.

What if I don’t get featured?

If you don’t get featured in the first 30 days, you get your money back. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get featured, get a bunch of new marketing materials that you are welcome to continue using and get a full refund. This has never happened – we only work with people who we are super confident we can get the results for.

How much is the DFY media?

It’s $1500 per month and for that, you are pitched to mainstream media on a daily basis and get all of your marketing materials included. We can even ghostwrite all of your articles if you would like us to – we don’t charge extra for that.

How do you get the information you need to be able to do my pitches?

The first thing we do is arrange a call with you where you talk us through the timeline of your life, sharing any significant events that you’d be happy to talk openly about. Then, we ask you to keep in contact as much as possible letting us know what’s going on with you and updating us of anything new.

Oh, and we stalk the hell out of you too! We read your articles, watch your lives, read your books and register for your email lists so that we are kept up to date with what’s going on with you.

I’m so busy, I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to write all of these articles!

Not a problem. We have an incredibly skilled team of writers and you have the option to have them written on your behalf.

But how will they know what to write?

They’ll be finding the information in your existing content and will ask you if they need any further information. The articles will be written in your voice and it will still be your own work, they just do the time-consuming part! We then send over to you for approval before it’s published and you’re welcome to make/request changes as you like.

How can I increase my chances of being booked?

When you register, we’ll be sending you a detailed report of how you are currently coming across online and what you could tweak to make yourself more attractive to the media (and to potential clients).

Will a book help me to get more media?

Absolutely, yes. If you don’t already have a book, I would strongly recommend you publish one. You CAN get into the media without a book but having one will take it to another level.

Can you help me to write and publish a book?

You bet we can! We’ve helped 50+ entrepreneurs to become published authors and counting, each of them best sellers. We can either guide you through the writing of your book and then take over for the formatting, editing, publishing on Amazon and best seller campaign or we can ghostwrite it for you too if you prefer.

I already have a book but it’s not a best seller.

Having the best seller tag will help you to get more media publicity. This is also something we can arrange.

Where will it be best seller?

Amazon and there’s an option to work with our partners if you want additional best sellers on Barnes & Noble, USA Today and New York Times.

I have a book, but need editing/formatting/a book cover.

Great! We can help you with those.

I’d like to be in a multi- author book. Do you do those?

Yes! We can include multi author books as part of your DFY media package.

I’m not sure about media but I definitely want to write a book. Can I just do the book?

Sure can! Book a call here to talk about the options

How much is it to do my book with you?

This really depends on what you need as there are a lot of variants. You can see the prices for some essentials here and our full best seller book packages range from $7000 for our done- with- you package to $25,000 for our done- for- you package with a year’s promotion.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months depending on the package.

Is there a minimum term for the DFY media?

Yes, we ask for minimum 3 months, then there’s a recurring contract with a 30- day notice period for cancellation. This is due to the pending time on pitches. What you will also find is that the media you get will be bigger and better as time goes on.

Who do you work with?

Coaches and entrepreneurs with established businesses.
Before registering, you need to:

  • Be clear on your offers
  • Know your audience
  • Have a marketing strategy and online presence
  • Be able to comfortably afford the monthly payment

What if I haven’t reached that stage yet?

No worries! Join my group and take part in the regular free trainings I deliver to help you to get there.

I tick those boxes! How do I register?

As we are the ones taking the risk, we need to speak to you first to make sure you are ready.