Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could just get the hell out of your own head and do what it is that you were born to do? To follow your purpose, to change the world, to stop holding back, playing safe and making decisions based on fear?

To quote Gary Vee “Ideas are bullshit. Execution is where it’s at.

You can have the most amazing ideas but if you don’t do execute well, nothing will come of them. Action is what creates the results!

How many people do you think have had incredible, life changing ideas that could have created a huge impact, who took them to their graves? Because if you die having never shared what you know, that knowledge dies with you. Those people you could have helped & inspired? You will have let them down. All because you were stuck in your own head.

Do you see now that this is about so much more than you?

Write your ideas down. Come up with a plan. Stick to it. Take action on it every single day. No excuses. No bullshit. Just action.

Easier said than done? Yes, it is. I never said it was easy.

Next time your brain monkeys start playing up and telling you you’re not good enough, people won’t be interested, it’s stupid, you’re bored of it now and want to go back to knitting hats for cats (unless that is your true passion in which case you should fully own it), notice what is happening here. Your brain wants to protect you. To keep you safe. To keep you playing small.

To move forward, you need to push through the comfort zone into where it hurts

That is the difference between the 1% of people who do take drastic action and those who retreat back and tell themselves the can’t because they have no time, no money, don’t know where to start, they have kids or they’ll start ‘soon’. Which is it going to be for you?

Ready to level up your business and your life on a massive scale?

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