How to become an author to attract more clients

How entrepreneurs and coaches can write a book to get more clients and more media attention

Anyone can set up a glossy website, give themselves a title, complete an easy course for some impressive sounding qualifications, and hire a lambo for the day and take a bunch of photos. How do potential clients know to take you seriously? How can you show people you’re REAL?

Obviously you’ve written a book on your niche, right? The percentage of entrepreneurs that can get it together enough to write an entire book isn’t high. Lots of people dream about being an author, very few can actually commit to writing an entire book on the subject they claim they’re so passionate about. If you’re an entrepreneur or coach, you can immediately distance yourself from the crowd, and show the world that you’re in the small percentage who are so focused, so committed and so knowledgeable, that they’re worth investing time and money into.

Too many people see writing a book as a chore, rather than the journey of discovery that it actually is. When my client’s books land on Amazon – and particularly when they reach the coveted Best Seller status, it’s a deeply emotional moment. I’ve had people scream down the ‘phone at me. I’ve had happy tears from clients. I’ve even had the client’s entire family applauding and cheering in the background, as they call me in the middle of the night, forgetting I’m in a different time zone! A book is a milestone, it says “I made it. I took it seriously. Here is the weight of my experience,”

You become an author by becoming a writer, and writing things that people read. There is no other road to this point. You can’t become a sky-diver by ice-skating, like you can’t become a cake-baker by working at McDonalds. At some point, you just need to start. Maybe even today, right now, after you’ve finished reading this blog post.

My clients that have never written before, are always surprised when the process turns out to be yet another planning exercise, with lists and ticks and things crossed out. They discover that they don’t simply sit there like some kind of magical wizard at a typewriter, smashing away at the keyboard in a trance. However the magic, the emotion, comes when they read back their first draft. Did I really write this? Wow. Many clients land several new clients in the weeks following their big Amazon smash, as they’re walking on air for a little while. The book generates a buzz, they feel good about themselves, and they look 100% more credible to clients, because they are. They’ve proved it by writing an entire book on the subject!

Something changes in an entrepreneur’s energy, upon completion of their book. They’ve levelled up and they know it. I experienced that too. It was an intense and powerful experience!

If you want to become an author, to cement your reputation as not just another one of the crowd, but an expert in your field, then it’s a surprisingly simple process. I specialise in supporting entrepreneurs in writing books that are designed to hit the Amazon market in a particular way, to ensure a big splash, to attract your soul tribe and to reach that coveted top spot.

Writing a book will distinguish you from the hundred other people trying to get their message across without much focus or originality. Writing any kind of book gives you the authority to call up a TV network or radio station and ask to speak on a newsworthy topic. Imagine being able to say “I wrote a best selling book on this subject…”

These are the three things you need to become an author:

  • A computer with Microsoft Word on it
  • A regular time that you can write (even if it’s just 30 minutes a day)
  • A pen and paper to make notes and lists

If you have access to those three things, I can help you with the rest of it.

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