Have you ever had somebody telling you that you’re not good enough? That you’re sure to fail? That it’s just not possible for you?

I’ve heard those things more times than I can remember and it held me back for a long time. The problem was that I believed them.

Do you know when I actually started getting somewhere?

When I realised that other people had no right to decide what I was capable of and I decided to believe in myself instead.

You see up until then, I believed that other people’s opinions were fact and so I made them a reality. Then one day I had a ‘FUCK IT’ moment and decided that only I get to decide what I can and can’t do.

Other people will have their own beliefs and opinions and do you know what? That’s fine. You can’t control what other people think or say. Just don’t allow them to become your reality. THAT you can control.

Be the most badass version of yourself!

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