The Influencer Book Bootcamp

Do you want to become a highly paid influencer?

Can you see yourself on TV, and on stages all over the world talking about your subject? 

Would you love to be enticing high level clients? Of course you’ve thought about it. And you can’t wait until you’ve built enough of a following and gained enough credibility.

What if I told you that you don’t have to wait? 

What if you could, almost instantly, explode to the top of your industry with a bang? 

I have a way for you to do just that…

We have created a unique formula unique formula for writing a book in a way that will...

  • Open up media opportunities
  • Have you in demand for speaking and consulting engagements
  • Attract high level clients to you like a magnet

Even before her book has been published, my client Katie has used it to...

  • Secure her first 750k client
  • Be interviewed on FOX TV
  • Get booked to speak at the O2 arena in London for a crowd of 17,000

She has only been in business for 9 months and does not have a large following. 

You do not have to wait. The time is right when you DECIDE that it is. And when you commit to rising up to the top! 

But let me guess... you’re busy, right? busy, right?

I get it. That’s why , we’ve been working to make the writing process SUPER EFFICIENT. 

30 minutes a day, and you can create a book that seduces your audience. 

Keeping them captivated, by being entertaining and informative in all the right places with techniques derived from top Hollywood screenwriters. 

You don’t have to wait. 

More and more entrepreneurs are writing books now as they are seeing the incredible impact it can have on their business. 

Don’t get left behind in the shadows.

It’s time for you to rise! 

What is included in the Influencer Book Bootcamp?

Lifetime access to the membership site, which includes training around: 

  • How to start using your book IMMEDIATELY to open up opportunities and increase your income
  • Mapping out your book
  • Creating a killer title & sub title
  • Formatting for Kindle and paperback
  • Designing a book cover that sells!
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Launch

There are 6 modules and you will receive support through an exclusive group on Facebook

What’s my investment?

  • £997 or $1300
  • Payment plans are available
  • 3x monthly payments

Join here, I can't wait to see you at bootcamp!

The Influencer Influencer Book Bootcamp