You will achieve the thing you set out to only when your desire overrides your fears.

You will achieve the thing you set out to only when your desire overrides your fears.

To do this take constant inner work. You might think “Well, of course, I want to create a huge impact and change lives, and of course, that’s more important to me than being afraid of judgement.

But most of your actions are not controlled by your subconscious. They are automatic and due to how you’ve. Been programmed over the years. You may want something so badly, but your LUM (levelling up monkey) could be right there in your mind convincing you that now is not the right time, it would be better to wait until next year or after the apocalypse or whatever or that you CAN’T because of anything and everything, which is really nothing but the bullshit your LUM has come up with to protect you.

  • LUM doesn’t care if you are unhappy in your situation.
  • LUM doesn’t care if you are stuck and frustrated.
  • LUM doesn’t care if your soul I slowly being sucked out.
As long as you are safe and the biggest danger, according to the LUM is the unknown.

Of course, the things that come up may seem completely legitimate and you may well believe them. I may believe you too.

My client made over £150,000 worth of sales in 10 days when she was here with me in Portugal. She started working with me on her business 6 months ago. Now, had she told me back then that she would love to set up her own business and write a book, but can’t due to being deaf, blind & dyslexic, I may have believed her. Good job she had already made the choice that her desire for success was to override her fears!

Another client had a really strong message to share and she wanted to do this through the medium of film. Was she ready? Did she know enough? Good enough? She’s only 19… Wouldn’t it be better to wait until she’s older? NO! She has her very own feature film in production which is being filmed next year and will make waves!

Another is really struggling at the minute with everything seemingly going against her. There are so many perfectly legitimate reasons that she could use to say now is not the right time but last night she decided that her success is more important than all of that and she committed to going all in with setting up her own business and claiming her life of freedom.

I could go on and on and on…

My point is this. It’s up to you to decide right now what is most important to you.

Of course, you will say ‘My big vision is most important’ but you need to know this on a deeper level. So much so that anything else becomes non-fucking negotiable.

  • Raise the stakes!
  • Look into the future. What does it look like if you choose fear?
  • What happens in the future if you choose right now to already be the badass warrior that you know you are inside and to keep taking massive action despite the monkey chatter?
  • How do you know that your success is more important than your bullshit?
  • Go make it happen… Now!!!

What is it to be? Are you going to finally top dipping your toe in and go all in with your business? Write that book? What’s it to be?

Ready to level up your business and your life on a massive scale?

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