She’s running a marathon.

At numerous times, she feels like quitting and dreams of breaking through that finish line and sinking into a nice hot bath. Everything HURTS and she begin to wonder why she even started.

Then she sees the finish line. YES! She picks up the pace and runs towards it. She’s getting closer. Like a silver bullet, she’s flying towards that line. She’s going to make it…

Then she SCREAMS and runs off in the opposite direction. What the fuck, Susan?

“What if everything changes when I go through the finish line? I might not have anything common with my friends who are still sitting on the couch eating Jaffa Cakes any more.

What if people think I’m up myself for going through? What if the line is too tough and I bounce back and fall on my ass? What if everyone laughs at me and nobody wants to work with me ever again and my life is ruined?

That line looks like it’s got fangs. Might eat me.”

Susan- get a grip!

And you. Yes, you reading this are probably doing the exact same thing.

Come on, you know what I’m taking about. Being super enthusiastic and excited about the thing, making progress like a motherfucker and knowing exactly what you need to do. Getting closer and closer to the win and then… you run from it.

You’re not going to make anything happen if you keep running away from it!

You know damn well that getting into the media is going to propel you and your business to new heights. You know it’s going to boost your credibility, position you as the expert, build your audience and all the rest of it- I don’t need to tell you.

But nothing’s going to happen unless you actually cross that finish line.

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