Create MEDIA IMPACT and Become the Known Expert on Your Topic

Why do some people end up in the media while others don’t?

What if you were regularly booked for serious appearances on TV, radio and podcasts, and featured in the HUFFINGTON POST and FORBES as an expert on your topic?

The professional talking heads on TV or in magazines or on popular blogs aren’t different or special, they just have media training. They’re media-ready at the drop of a hat, to speak confidently about their topic – plus they’re already widely known for being a reliable, personable and knowledgeable guest.

None of this is a secret, and none of it particularly difficult to grasp – media training is the difference between sitting at home watching the experts on TV, or being in demand as one of them.

Imagine what just one media appearance would do for YOUR BUSINESS. Now imagine having a one a month or one a week, for as long as you like!

  • Become known and recognised for what you do
  • Build your audience
  • Get lots of genuine followers and interaction on your blog or social media
  • Attract more high level clients
  • Make more money
  • Attract new opportunities
  • Network with higher level peers

In my NEW program, MEDIA IMPACT I will guide you from every day you to media-friendly expert.

I will help you to attune your skills and uniqueness to the market, so that you become in-demand and wanted by the media.

I will teach you how to deliver an irresistible pitch for all media, including radio, TV, blogs, podcasts and social media appearances and mentions. I will show you how to get featured in major publications.

It’s frustrating to have a gift, a passion or something you need to say to the world – but to have all of that go unheard, because the people with media training get all the opportunities! This happened to me for a long time, until I began to study and learn from people in the public eye.

Getting in the media exploded my business!

I was seen, noticed and I made more money. Coaches and entrepreneurs that want to push their excuses to the side and take their business to the next level, need media training in order to get there.

This is for those that truly want to create an impact, and are ready to push their boundaries, crawl out of their safe space, and rise to new heights of exposure, impact, and even fame. Action-takers that are ready to get their message out there on a much larger scale.

While lots of coaches and entrepreneurs talk the talk well enough, when it comes to actually stepping out into the limelight, they always find an excuse to remain in their comfortable groove.

I’m not going to lie – When you do start to appear in the media, it changes your life. This scares some people, but others thrive on it.

In the competitive online world, you’re either a follower or a rockstar. Only you know deep down which type of entrepreneur you are.

The program includes:

  • 8 modules of intense media training, delivered by both video and worksheets
  • Full support though the online community
  • A WEEKLY live call to empower and connect you with other rockstar entrepreneurs
  • Lifetime access to course materials


A unique, tailored press release WRITTEN FOR YOU and distributed on your behalf, for GLOBAL news outlets such as FOX, ABC, NBC and many more.

The investment for this program is £2000, but up until the 1st August it SLASHED IN HALF!!!

So, £1000 for you to learn all you need to know to become a media star, for you as a fast action taker! PLUS, there are payment plans available.

Make sure you’re all signed up, and more importantly, that you’re ready to skyrocket your business and triple your personal magnetism. It’s showtime!

Here’s what some of my clients have to say

Luana is incredible at what she does! Within 10 days she got me featured in every UK newspaper! As a result of this I was offered a TV show and filming starts in 8 weeks. She is the BEST!

Vanessa Ogden Moss


Luana is all heart, sincere, enthusiastic and passionate about her work and is there for you when you need her ... that in itself makes her service world class!

Joy Idres


Working with Luana is a wonderful experience. Her friendly nature and non-stop drive are infectious! Her results speak for themselves

Rachel Brownstein


It’s showtime. Sign me up!

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