Every time you say YES to something you don’t want to do, to make someone else happy, you are saying NO to yourself.

What this does, is it sends a message to your subconscious that you are not worth as much as whoever you have put ahead of yourself. Every time you do it, you are de-valuing your own time and energy and knocking your own self worth!

Do you think those people would want you doing things that make you miserable, just to please them?

If so, are they worth you giving your time and energy to them in the first place, if they know you are making yourself unhappy in the process?

The thing is about people who are successful- they don’t tolerate anything (thank you Ellie Burscough for reminding me of this!)

They put themselves first, they protect their time and energy, then they are in a stronger place to be able to help others. If you are on a plane, and need the oxygen masks, you are advised to put yours on before helping others.

Why is that?

Because if your oxygen runs out, you’ll be in no fit state to help others. The same goes in every day life. If you give to others and neglect yourself, your energy will deplete and you won’t be able to help anybody effectively.

Say YES to yourself first, to have the energy and strength you need to be in a better place to help other people.

Say YES to yourself today and take the first step in creating a better future.

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