I always knew I was born to make my own rules and follow my own path, but the thing is, I had no idea what that path, was and didn’t have the confidence to trust in my own mind

So, I partied A LOT and just skipped from one thing to another, getting bored or somehow screwing it all up as soon as it looked like I was on the verge of success.

My lowest point came when I felt I had no choice but to sign over, what I thought was my dream business, and one that I had put my heart and soul into for two years, to my business partner who continued to run it without me.

I lost everything I had worked for, was in over £20,000 of debt, had no idea how to keep a roof over my family’s head and had no strength to fight back.

But there must have been some fire inside me still because…

What I thought was the end, was actually just the beginning.

It wasn’t my destruction. IT WAS MY EVOLUTION. But, I didn’t know it for a while.

I set up a new business, Northern Star Acting which by now is everything I ever dreamed of but back then it was draining thousands of pounds a month getting me further and further into debt, and taking over my whole life. I was working 16-21 hours a day and had no time for my family, friends or anything else.

I persevered because I knew that there was no other choice for me. I knew this was what I was born to do and as insane as everyone thought I was, I was willing to keep going regardless of how much debt I built up and how much it seemed like nothing was happening.

ONLY A YEAR LATER, I have a successful, profitable business where I impact people’s lives every day and am surrounded by the most awesome people around, AND I have the freedom to do more of the things I love, travel and spend time with family & friends.

This is why I want to empower you to go ALL IN with that thing, that deep down, you know YOU were born for.

  • To follow your true path
  • To be confident in yourself and your decisions even if the rest of the world thinks you are bat shit crazy.
  • To step out of your comfort zone and into your place of power.
  • To change the freakin’ world!

You know deep down that you were born for more.

It’s time to listen to that voice inside of you, stop giving a fuck about the things that don’t serve you and show the world that you have arrived…

“There can be no such thing as failure when the burning desire and stubborn refusal to back down overtakes logic or reason.”

Ready to level up your business and your life on a massive scale?

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