To create an IMPACT and to be free, this is essential…

All our lives, we’ve been conditioned to blend in, to be like everyone else and to do what everyone else is doing.

I can imagine that just as I have, in the past you’ve been punished for allowing yourself to shine, reprimanded for thinking creatively and shot down for sharing your truth.

“Don’t say that, people won’t like you”

“Don’t actually TRY, you’ll make the rest of us look bad.”

“Just be yourself. No, not like that.”

“Well done and everything but tone it down or people will think you’re up yourself. “

“You’re too loud.”

“You’re too quiet.”

“Don’t wear that – so unprofessional!”

“Why can’t you just be normal????”

When we conform to what other people expect instead of letting the truest version of ourselves shine, we deny people of everything we have to offer – the ones who will be attracted to our light.

You know this, I know you do, but sometimes… do you find yourself slipping back into your own ways? Until something wakes you up again and you wonder where you’ve been?

It’s challenging to go against a lifetime of conditioning, isn’t it?!

Here’s a reminder for you:

To create a real IMPACT and to be free, it is essential to break free of conformity.

The media want YOU, not a watered-down version of yourself.

People want to read books that are in your voice, not an English textbook.

Your audience wants to hear your truth and they want to see you shine!

You weren’t born to be ordinary…

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