I was 15 and was caught by the glare of the ICE QUEEN!!!

The Ice Queen was one of those teachers who only had to look at you and you froze. She had just caught me skiving school and had marched me into her office.

I hated school. I found it a complete waste of time, so I’d spend my money from my Saturday job on private dance lessons during school hours. I was already doing evening classes and wanted to be a dancer so it made sense to me, that I would book more of them, instead of learning algebra.

Ice Queen had picked up the phone and had dialled my parents. While it was ringing, I explained, without apology, why I did it.

She put the phone down and stared at me. Ice Queen’s glare melted. “I wanted to be a dancer, you know

Why didn’t you?” I asked.

I wasn’t brave enough.

She paused for a while, then carried on.

I saw you dance in the show last week- you’re a great dancer. I’m going to pretend I didn’t see you today. Go on, before I change my mind.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, that was when I first realised that not everybody goes after the life that they want and that even the most ‘successful’ people can look back with regrets at the things they didn’t do.
It’s when I decided I would do whatever it takes. My goals changed along the way and I’ve experienced more knock backs than you can shake a stick at (what does that even mean??) but one thing that’s for sure is, I always keep moving forwards.

It’s scary to follow your path.
The truth is, it’s full of challenges and heartache.

But that’s nothing compared to the challenge and heartache of simply making it through the day when you’re not fulfilled in your safe, comfortable life, never knowing who you might have been.

My new book, Influencer – Game of Phones will help you to build your own empire from your mobile phone, as long as you are committed to making it happen and are ready to do the work.

It’s a 3 part series. Episode 1 – Never Forget Who You Are, is about you drawing out the most badass, authentic version of yourself ready to become the known Influencer in your industry and is coming July 26th

Ready to level up your business and your life on a massive scale?

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